The Essential Praxis Story

Hi, I’m Tsarina, the founder of Essential Praxis, a mum of 2 energy filled boys, nature lover, travel enthusiast, and low-tox believer.

My low tox journey began after giving birth to my first son, Lennox. Once introducing a child to the world I started to be wary about what is in our food, what is in the products we use, and our family’s whole lifestyle. I wanted to bring my children up in a healthier, conscious led environment. I realised that everything around us has moved so far from where it originally started ~ further from nature.

After learning more about the harmful effects harsh, toxic chemicals can have on our bodies, I slowly started ditching and switching to more natural and ethical products - from our cleaning products, our food choices, to eventually making my own skincare products.

I wanted to be able to help others do the same, but also realised many of my friends and family just didn’t have time or the desire to make their own products let alone skincare items.

Many of us also struggle with various skin concerns ranging from, dry, dehydrated and mature, to pigmented and sun-damaged. I wanted to help others feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, without having to rely on makeup. Having sensitive skin myself meant that not only did I want my products to be effective and pregnancy friendly, but it was important for them to be gentle and safe for sensitive skin as well.

Enter Essential Praxis ~ helping you get radiant, balanced skin, without the harmful ingredients. 

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