Why We Love Native Snowflower?

Native Snowflower is a flowering species derived from the Tea Tree family, a super plant containing a wide range of active phytonutrients and an incredible antioxidant profile.

It's also, easily, one of our favourite Native Botanicals and here are 4 reasons why we love it!

1. Anti-oxidant & Anti-inflammatory - contains Quercetin & Kaempferol, which decreases inflammation and helps provide protection to the skin by fighting free radical damage.

2. Anti-ageing - Snowflower contains Gallic Acid which is an antioxidant that has potent anti-aging properties.

3. Reduces redness & pigmentation - Gallic Acid also contributes towards the reduction of redness and pigmented skin, aiding in clearing the complexion.

4. Skin repair & protection - Catechin is active in Snowflower, which is known to be one of the powerful antioxidants that also makes green tea good for us. The antioxidants fight the free radicals to assist in skin repair and enhance collagen production.

Looking for skincare products with Native Snowflower?
Our award-winning Restore Peptide Moisturiser is formulated with this hero native botanical, winner of the Bronze Organic Beauty Award 2022 for Enriching Face Lotions under $60, and Editor's Choice Winner in the Beauty Shortlist Mama and Baby Awards 2022.